Here Is Steph Curry Proving That Those Basketball Games At Amusement Parks Are Rigged

It is usually very hard to get basketball fans to universally agree on anything. One thing that gets pretty close to being a unanimous belief, though, is that Steph Curry is the greatest shooter to ever play the game. Curry’s laundry list of accomplishments related to shooting a basketball do not need to be listed here, so instead, let’s get mad at how games at amusement parks are a rip off.

There are a whole lot of games at amusement parks that are basically designed to make sure skill alone cannot be used to win prizes. Sure, sometimes being good at something helps, but as this video by YouTuber Mark Rober shows us, games at amusement parks, carnivals, boardwalks, etc. are designed to make you think you can win something to rope you into spending money.

This brings us to Curry’s ability to shoot a basketball. The Curry family went to Great America, an amusement park in Santa Clara, to celebrate some cool things that happened recently. While there, Curry decided to try one of those games where you shoot basketballs off of a rack in an attempt to win a jersey or something. Here is how it went — pay special attention to the rims, which are bouncier than a pogo stick and look just a little smaller than you might expect.

Now, listen, maybe Steph had one or two things to drink and is a bit off his game, but it is very unlikely that he is shooting 12 basketballs off of racks and making five of them, three of which were money balls and thereby boosting his final score. Curry seems to agree with this, per an IG comment section.

steph curry ig

Let this be a lesson to anyone and everyone: If you go to an amusement park, spend your money on rides and overpriced food instead of games.

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