Global Leaderboards, More Characters and Bug fixes

Steam Leaderboards.

I have added Steam Leaderboards to the game so now you show off your times/Wins to the reset of the world.

Which means all your local scores are gone, Sorry!

Times / Wins board now has 3 buttons Global / Friends / Your Position. Only for the currently selected level.

Indie Shot0

Lobby mini games

Added another shooter mini game. (All scores are also Global only shows the top 10.)

Added both mini Shooters to the singleplayer lobby.

Indie Shot2

New Player Characters

Added lots of new player Characters to choose from.

Indie Shot1


• SteamVR Will no longer start up if you are not playing in VR.

• Valve grip’s have been adjusted so they dont drop Items Randomly (Untested at this moment. I dont own a Vive).

• Grip Distance for non-VR Players has been increased.

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