Andy Murray admits he ‘had to put his ego aside’ to reunite with Ivan Lendl

Andy Murray says he has made a conscious decision to ‘put his ego to one side’ to reunite with former coach Ivan Lendl.

Murray enjoyed great success whilst working with Lendl before, with some of the best days of his career shared with the Czech-born American.

He has also, though, hinted at some personal problems at times between them, but he says that there comes a point when such things are something you can ultimately learn from.

“I mean, the interesting thing is that in the two times I worked with Ivan I won my Grand Slams, and, you know, Olympic medals as well,” Murray told GQ Magazine.

“There are just times in an athlete’s career or even a coach’s career where you want something different.

“To me, just because we had stopped working together twice before, that didn’t mean that it wasn’t something that could work again in the future.

“I think that you need to put your ego to one side in those situations and find a way of making it work better than it did the last time. Maybe learning from some of the issues or the problems that there were.”

Andy Murray decided to freshen up his coaching set-up at the end of last year in a bid to have one last great run on the ATP Tour before it was too late.

He invited a couple coaches to work with him on a trial basis, although Lendl was always the man he wanted.

“I spoke to my team and it was like, ‘Look, I don’t have much time on my side here. I know, I’m coming towards the end of my career and I don’t really have the opportunity to spend lots of time trialling coaches.’

“I want to have a setup where I know the people that I’m working with, that they understand me and that’s when Ivan’s name came up.

“I actually had the discussion with him whilst I was still in Australia.”

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