Watch Gervonta Davis push Rolando Romero off stage during weigh in as Mike Tyson’s ex-coach makes fight prediction

GERVONTA DAVIS pushed Rolando Romero off the stage during their heated weigh in.

The lightweight rivals both scaled under the 135lb lightweight limit to confirm their anticipated grudge match.

Gervonta Davis pushed Rolando Romero off the stage


Gervonta Davis pushed Rolando Romero off the stageCredit: Amanda Westcott

But the fight threatened to start early when Davis shoved the challenger off the stage.

Romero walked in front of the challenger to pose for pictures – but was soon sent flying to the floor.

Davis later told PBC: “I just seen him on the edge of the stage, so I pushed him.”

The unbeaten American, 27, is defending his WBA ‘Regular’ lightweight title against Romero, 26, who is 14-0 with 12 knockouts.

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And Davis revealed he does NOT want to KO the contender and instead wants to inflict a sustained beating.

He said: “He talks too much, though. I seen that he was ready. It was different from all the other times we faced off.

“Today, he looked like he’s ready. I think all the talking is over. It’s time now.

“We’re a couple of hours away, and we’re both ready to do our thing. I think I was made for this.

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“This is a time when I show I’m not an average fighter. I’m definitely ready and looking forward to it.

“Hopefully, he can put up a good fight and I can show the world that I’m better than a lot of these guys that are fighting on TV.

“I want his coach to stop it so I can feel that I beat him and his coach, not just him.

“A knockout is just a lucky shot. I want to beat him up bad.”

Davis stands as a heavy favourite heading into the fight and Mike Tyson’s first amateur coach, Teddy Atlas, agrees with the odds.

Atlas said on his podcast: “I do like Davis to win by knockout, and I’m going to tell you why.

“The main reason is Romero’s a good puncher. Davis is a great puncher. Romero knows how to box.

“Davis doesn’t get enough credit for how good a boxer he is and how versatile and well-rounded he is as a fighter.

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“And he is a southpaw, that can be a problem too. But he can fight inside, he can fight outside, he can counter-punch, and he can go freaking get you.

“And he can go to the body as well as the head. This guy has become a really solid, all-round fighter.”

Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero clash on stage


Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero clash on stageCredit: Ryan Hafey