30-pound cat far outweighs his name, and he just found home in Florida. Meet Seven

An animal shelter in Florida had a hefty task on its hands: It weighed 30 pounds, to be exact, and was named Seven.

Seven, a tabby cat as big as “a barge” and full of love, was a resident of the Jacksonville Humane Society up until Friday, May 27, when he found his forever home, the shelter said.

Shelter staff shared photos of the paunchy feline on Facebook and he was adopted in less than seven hours.

“Come meet Seven. He’s looking for a new home to help him slim down with help from a veterinarian,” the humane society wrote on Facebook. “This beef cookie is waiting for you in Group Room 2 … and he’s roughly the size of a barge!”

People clamored over Seven in the comments, telling the group they would stop by to adopt him after work and asking if he was still available. Others shared photos of their own cats that looked similar to Seven.

“Won’t need to go to the gym with that guy. Just carry him around for a bit and get your workout,” someone joked on the post.

Seven’s weight is even more impressive when you size him up next to a baby. One of the veterinarian technicians shared side-by-side photos of her holding Seven and her child on the humane society’s Twitter account.

“One weighs double the other,” the post said. “Take a guess.”

Seven got along well with his feline friends in his group room at the shelter and was a sponge for attention, according to the shelter. He’s estimated to be about 3 years old, the staff said on Facebook.

One commenter who was tempted to adopt Seven asked, “But, what’s like one more (cat)?”

“He’s more like 3 more,” the shelter responded.

Despite Seven’s irresistible charm, animal obesity can lead to serious health issues and compromise a pet’s quality of life, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center.

Cardiovascular function, insulin production and joint health can fail in cats that are overweight, the center said. Nearly 50% of cats seen at veterinary clinics are overweight, veterinarian Carolyn McDaniel estimated in an interview with the Feline Health Center.

If owners do have obese cats, McDaniel recommended speaking to a veterinarian and working toward a gradual weight loss plan.

The Jacksonville Humane Society invites prospective owners to browse their available animals, which may include more beefy cats like Seven.

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