The Texas School Massacre: Heartache and Outrage

A school shooter tends to be socially isolated and incompetent. Profound humiliation over perceived ostracism is coped with by murderous revenge fantasies, which is characteristic of severe personality disturbance rather than psychotic illness or autism. In the bright, happy eyes of the children they murder, the shooter sees all that they believe they were denied.

Based on similar cases of the school shooters at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Parkland and Columbine, I would not be surprised if the shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde fits this profile.

Paul Siegel
New York
The writer, an associate professor of psychology at Purchase College, created the Behavioral Intervention Team for identifying distressed and potentially violent students at Westchester Community College.

To the Editor:

All schoolteachers in this country should go on strike until sane gun laws are enacted. Enough is enough.

Nancy R. Brewster
Plymouth, Minn.

To the Editor:

Re “An Emotional Biden: ‘Why Do We Keep Letting This Happen?’” (news article, May 25):

President Biden is right to express sympathy for the families of the children killed in Ulvalde. He’s right to express outrage on behalf of the American people who are tired of senseless gun violence. He’s right to say, “We have to act.”

But that’s weak tea. Of course we have to act. But how?

The president must tell the American people what to do to compel a recalcitrant Congress to act. Please, Mr. President, tell me and my fellow Americans what to do. In concrete terms. I’ll do it, and so will many others.

Bradley Kemp
Lawrence, Kan.

To the Editor:

It does not matter about the motives, mind-set or mental state of the shooter. It is very simple. If the 18-year-old did not have the ability to buy a semiautomatic military-style weapon in this country, then it is likely that the little children and teachers who died Tuesday would be alive. This shooting is on the backs of those federal and state legislators who have voted against gun safety laws.