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Kate faces ‘painful dilemma’ when her kids ‘carry the monarchy’s future’ (2/2)

Writing in the New Zealand Herald, Elser questioned how Kate must be feeling as mother when faced with such an uncertain future.

She said: “The pressure on them is going to be intense to help ensure the survival of the British monarchy, an institution which can be easily traced back to the ninth century.

“Imagine having the weight of more than 1,200 hundred years of history constantly on your shoulders.

“It must be painful for Kate to know that while other kids look at the future with goggle-eyed wonder, her children’s paths look set in Portland stone.”

Elser added: “One thing that has never been speculated about or reported on in any of the approximately 8,774,573,498 stories about Megxit are any concerns they might have had leaving the Royal family short-staffed.

“There is no way that I can see that, at this stage, Charlotte and Louis will have anywhere near the latitude and freedom to ever make a similar choice.

“The only possible candidates to step in and help [George] carry the burden here are his siblings, meaning that like it or not, all three of the Cambridge children could very well be dragooned into working royal life whether they fancy the gig or not.

“That simple joy of imagining what you might be when you grow up is a privilege George, and very possibly Charlotte and Louis, will never really get.”

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