Britain’s Got Talent 2022 LIVE: Fans fume as Alesha Dixon appears ‘in a bra’ to give Golden Buzzer to ‘predictable’ act

BRITAIN’S Got Talent finally has all of its Golden Buzzer acts – but not everyone was impressed with Alesha Dixon’s choice.

The final BGT Golden Buzzer act was revealed to be musicians Flintz and Taylor – who performed an emotional rap in during last night’s episode.

Flintz, 23, from London, and Taylor, 17, from Birmingham, told the judges met on social media during the coronavirus lockdown.

Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha were blown away with the rap and piano combo written by the pair while they were miles apart.

So much so that Alesha, who was left emotional by Flintz’s lyrics about avoiding gang activity, pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Despite plenty of support, not everyone has agreed with the decision, taking to Twitter to slam it as “predictable” and “not worth the Golden Buzzer”.

“The most predictable Golden Buzzer ever,” one slammed, as a second agreed: “Could have been better Golden Buzzers tonight.”

Fans were also left confused by Alesha’s choice of top – as she once again donned a TINY bra for the programme.

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  • More about BGT

    Episodes will be available on the ITV Hub after each episode has aired.

    As always the BGT champion will walk away with a huge cash prize of £250,000 and spot on bill of the Royal Variety Performance.

    The reigning champ from 2020 is comedy singer Jon Courtenay.

    Of course, Geordie comedy duo Ant and Dec will host the talent competition once again.

  • Simon Cowell on BGT returning this year

    Talking about missing out on a year of BGT for the first-time in the show’s history due to the pandemic, judge Simon Cowell said: “As much as I didn’t want to not make the show last year, we just couldn’t at that point, it would have been literally impossible.

    “We had to stop it at the last moment – it was a difficult decision to make but it was the right one.

    “I think off the back of that, when we did all get back together, we realised how much we enjoy making the show.

    “We did miss each other, we get on and work well together.”

  • BGT returns next week!

    Get your popcorn ready and grab your favourite seat on the sofa…

    Britain’s Got Talent is back on ITV next Saturday (May 21) at 8pm.

  • Alesha wearing her bra again?

    Fans were left confused over Alesha’s outfit choice again – as they took to Twitter to speculate why she was “in her bra”.

    “Is Alesha’s bra auditioning again. Put a top on please,” one fan said, as a second joked: “Always seeing her in her bra!”

  • More on the judges

    Simon Cowell – The judge everybody loves to hate, Simon Cowell, has made a comeback for this series of Britain’s Got Talent.

    As Simon Cowell’s production company SyCo is the team behind the show, it was guaranteed that Simon would be back.

    Amanda Holden – To the delight of viewers, the star will grace our screens every Saturday night for another series.
    Amanda Holden has been a firm fixture on the show since the first series and has become a household name.

    Alesha Dixon – Alesha Dixon is back to judging the new series of Britain’s Got Talent.
    She joined the panel back in 2012 and quickly became a fan favourite.

    David Walliams – Funnyman David Walliams is back as the final judge of the series.
    The actor and comedian is known for his camp humour and for annoying Simon Cowell.

  • Explained: Who are the past BGT winners?

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent is back for a fifteenth series, with competitors across the country battling to become the 2022 champ.

    Here are some of the past winners:

    • Paul Potts – 2007
    • George Sampson – 2008
    • Diversity – 2009
    • Spelbound – 2010
    • Jai McDowell – 2011
    • Ashleigh and Pudsey – 2012
    • Attraction – 2013
    • Collabro – 2014
    • Jules O’Dwyer & Matisse – 2015
    • Richard Jones – 2016
    • Tokio Myers – 2017
    • Lost Voice Guy – 2018
    • Colin Thackery – 2019
    • Jon Courtenay – 2020

    Read more about the acts here.

  • And that’s a wrap, folks

    Britain’s Got Talent is over for another week! It’ll be back same time next Saturday – at 8pm on ITV.

  • Fans agree with Alesha’s decision

    Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Yes Alesha! Well deserved golden buzzer for Flintz and Taylor!”

    “Excellent act. Incredibly moving. The 10 seconds of silence after the act showed that the whole room was moved. Fantastic stuff!” a second said.


    Flintz and Taylor have got the golden buzzer! They’re going straight to the final!

  • Fans LOVE Flintz and Taylor

    And so did the judges – with all four gushing over the “moving” song the pair wrote together about Flintz’s experiences avoiding being in a gang.

    Very moving!

  • Memories of Bars and Melody

    Fans are comparing Flintz and Taylor to iconic past BGT act Bars and Melody.

    “Is this going to be the next Bars and Melody?” one said, as another added: “Bars and Melody part two.”

  • A rapper and a pianist!

    The 22-year-old from South London, and the 17-year-old from Birmingham – are performing an original number.

  • Will Flintz and Taylor to wow the crowd

    There’s a big grand piano on the stage- we’re wondering what they’re going to do.

  • Will the golden buzzer be the last to perform?

    Viewers seem to think so, and have taken to Twitter.

    “They are the last act and so are the golden buzzer?” one said, as a second chimed in: “Golden buzzer coming up for Alesha.”

  • But no golden buzzer yet…

    Jun-woo is NOT going to be Alesha’s golden buzzer act, but he’s gone through to the next round with four yes votes.

  • Jun-woo stuns the crowd

    The judges think he’s brilliant – and the crowd is chanting for the golden buzzer to be pressed.

    His slick card tricks have charmed everyone!

  • Fans think the golden buzzer is coming

    “Golden buzzer incoming,” one wrote to Twitter, as another agreed: “He’s GOOD – golden buzzer?”

  • Is this the golden buzzer act?

    Simon wants it to be! He’s encouraging Alesha to press the button!

  • The magic man!

    Junwoo Park, 23, from Korea, is hoping to wow the judges with his magic skills.

    He’s flown over 20 hours for the audition!

  • Stefano does a 180!

    He’s turned his act around and got the judges on his feet – they LOVED the end of his accent-filled audition.

  • His impressions seem better than his comedy

    The judges are impressed by his Simpsons impressions if nothing else.

  • Could this be funnier?

    Stefano is here to try and make everyone laugh – and do a better job than the last laughing man.

    It’s not going well so far…

  • Who’s laughing now?

    Nobody. It’s four no votes for Pete Cann the Laughter Man.

  • Ready to giggle?

    The Laughter Man has taken to the stage to get us all to do some laughing yoga.

    How funny!

  • David is back to his old tricks

    He’s trying to sit next to Simon, but he’s not having any of it.

    “Bad!” Simon could be heard telling him, ushering him back to his own seat.

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