Lego’s New $170 Optimus Prime Can Actually Transform Into A Truck

It’s widely known that Lego is a wonderful product but sometimes it really impresses with its innovation. Case in point its latest kit, a 13.5-inch tall Optimus Prime which actually transforms into a transport truck.

Although the notion of a Transformers toy that actually, well, transforms is nothing new, you may have previously presumed that Lego was too inflexible and that transformation mechanisms were too complex for a toy that you build yourself. Not anymore, though, as the company’s latest toy can fold and contort itself into both a robot and a truck.

The 2-in-1 Lego kit has 19 points of articulation in robot mode and the chest cavity can be opened to hold the Autobot Matrix of Leadership. Additionally, a jetpack can be added as well as well as an ion blaster and Energon ax, in case he needs to battle any pesky Decepticons.

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If you’re looking to pose your Autobot, then you can do so alongside a display plaque that gives important information about Optimus Prime and his position among the Autobots as well as his statistics. You can place it next to him in robot or truck mode as it’s displayed in your office.

In robot mode, the Optimus Prime kit is 13.5 inches (35 cm) tall and 7 inches (18.5 cm) wide, while in truck mode it is 5.5 inches (15 cm) tall, 10.5 inches (27 cm) long, and 4.5 inches (12 cm) wide. As a result of the size and complexity of the build, the kit is a pretty difficult one. Containing 1,508 pieces, Lego recommends that builders be 18 years of age or older.

Mind you, a kit this size doesn’t come cheap. The Optimus Prime Lego set rings in at a retail price of $169.99, with sales starting on June 1.

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