Britain’s Got Talent 2022 LIVE: Amanda Holden & judges return to BGT despite DELAYED start

BGT returned to our screens LATE tonight as the FA Cup final sparked chaos for the ITV schedule.

Judges Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon are ready with their fingers on the buzzer.

So far, Simon, Amanda, David and Ant and Dec have used their Golden Buzzer privileges.

This means Alesha Dixon is the only judge yet to use hers.

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  • And that’s a wrap, folks

    Britain’s Got Talent is over for another week! It’ll be back same time next Saturday – at 8pm on ITV.

  • Fans agree with Alesha’s decision

    Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “Yes Alesha! Well deserved golden buzzer for Flintz and Taylor!”

    “Excellent act. Incredibly moving. The 10 seconds of silence after the act showed that the whole room was moved. Fantastic stuff!” a second said.


    Flintz and Taylor have got the golden buzzer! They’re going straight to the final!

  • Fans LOVE Flintz and Taylor

    And so did the judges – with all four gushing over the “moving” song the pair wrote together about Flintz’s experiences avoiding being in a gang.

    Very moving!

  • Memories of Bars and Melody

    Fans are comparing Flintz and Taylor to iconic past BGT act Bars and Melody.

    “Is this going to be the next Bars and Melody?” one said, as another added: “Bars and Melody part two.”

  • A rapper and a pianist!

    The 22-year-old from South London, and the 17-year-old from Birmingham – are performing an original number.

  • Will Flintz and Taylor to wow the crowd

    There’s a big grand piano on the stage- we’re wondering what they’re going to do.

  • Will the golden buzzer be the last to perform?

    Viewers seem to think so, and have taken to Twitter.

    “They are the last act and so are the golden buzzer?” one said, as a second chimed in: “Golden buzzer coming up for Alesha.”

  • But no golden buzzer yet…

    Jun-woo is NOT going to be Alesha’s golden buzzer act, but he’s gone through to the next round with four yes votes.

  • Jun-woo stuns the crowd

    The judges think he’s brilliant – and the crowd is chanting for the golden buzzer to be pressed.

    His slick card tricks have charmed everyone!

  • Fans think the golden buzzer is coming

    “Golden buzzer incoming,” one wrote to Twitter, as another agreed: “He’s GOOD – golden buzzer?”

  • Is this the golden buzzer act?

    Simon wants it to be! He’s encouraging Alesha to press the button!

  • The magic man!

    Junwoo Park, 23, from Korea, is hoping to wow the judges with his magic skills.

    He’s flown over 20 hours for the audition!

  • Stefano does a 180!

    He’s turned his act around and got the judges on his feet – they LOVED the end of his accent-filled audition.

  • His impressions seem better than his comedy

    The judges are impressed by his Simpsons impressions if nothing else.

  • Could this be funnier?

    Stefano is here to try and make everyone laugh – and do a better job than the last laughing man.

    It’s not going well so far…

  • Who’s laughing now?

    Nobody. It’s four no votes for Pete Cann the Laughter Man.

  • Ready to giggle?

    The Laughter Man has taken to the stage to get us all to do some laughing yoga.

    How funny!

  • David is back to his old tricks

    He’s trying to sit next to Simon, but he’s not having any of it.

    “Bad!” Simon could be heard telling him, ushering him back to his own seat.

  • Fans surprised Alesha hasn’t pressed the golden buzzer

    They were convinced that she was going to press the golden buzzer for dance troupe Dane Dates Collective…

  • The judges are on their feet

    They really enjoyed the moving performance from Dane Bates Collective – all four of them are on their feet!

  • Fans recognise this dance troupe…

    Many took to Twitter to point out they had been on BBC show The Greatest Dancer back in 2019!

  • Everybody dance!

    Dane Bates Collective are recreating a letter from the choreographer’s great grandad to his great grandma.

    This one could be emotional!

  • It’s a celebration for the Queen’s Jubilee

    Music teacher Alexander has written a fun song to celebrate her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.

    We’re wondering if she’s watching the show tonight…

  • Who’s got the golden buzzer?

    Alesha is the only judge left yet to use her golden buzzer – and fans are curious over who it will go to.

    Many have suggested young comedian Eva should have got the golden button so she went straight to the final.

    Who knows what’s in story next!

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