Strangers Band Together to Help Unconscious Driver Drifting Into Oncoming Traffic

It was a frightening scene in Boynton Beach, Florida, when a car drifted across a busy intersection into oncoming traffic. The driver was slumped over the steering wheel and experiencing a medical emergency.

A coworker who knows the driver sprinted to help her, but she couldn’t stop the runaway car alone. 

She waved to other drivers, and five others hopped out of their vehicles to lend a hand. Together they were able to stop the car. 

A woman found a dumbbell in her car and gave it to one of the guys, who used it to smash a window and open the door as calls to 911 started pouring in.

The driver, Laurie Rabyor, a seamstress, says she took medication on an empty stomach and became dehydrated.

“That must be when I passed out, because I hit a curb, and then the car turned. That’s when it went into traffic. I don’t even remember leaving work,” Rabyor said.

Janette Rivera is the brave coworker who ran after the runaway car. U.S. Staff Sergeant Juan Chavez also ran through traffic to help.

“Honestly, I just saw somebody that needed help and I just rushed to it. I didn’t really think too much of it. I didn’t really think too much about my safety at that point,” Chavez said.

Now Boynton Beach Police are appealing for all the good Samaritans to come forward to meet the very grateful lady they saved.

“Thank God for people like you,” Rabyor said.

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