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Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles apologises to Gemma Collins

EMMERDALE star Samantha Giles has apologised to Gemma Collins after joking she’d punch her if they met in person.

The soap favourite took to Twitter to explain that her “joke” had been “misguided” – and said she “held her hands up” to her wrongdoing.

Samantha, 50, gave her opinion on reality TV stars earlier this week, telling the Daily Star she “hadn’t got a clue” who they were.

But turning her attentions to Gemma, 41, she went on: “That Gemma Collins, I think I’d punch her if I ever came across her.

“I don’t know – how can someone so talentless and revolting have made so much money?

“I wouldn’t mind if she’d give it away and did something good with it, but all she seems to do is put more s*** on her face and do her nails.”

But now, Samantha has apologised in a tweet – explaining that the comments had been “taken out of context”.

“I’m aware that comments I made on a press red carpet have been taken out of the context I meant them, so I’d like to apologise to Gemma,” she wrote.

“I’d like to apologised for my misjudged jokes which I honestly didn’t mean. I hope this apology is acceptable. Hands held up from me.”

It comes days after Gemma signed a huge £1million deal with New Look as she is set to become the face of the brand.

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