You Can Own The Famous Custom Dodge Challenger That Was Stolen From SEMA

The Dodge Challenger is a wild car and its Hellcat trim level is even more extreme. Still, even the most monstrous factory Challenger doesn’t have the same panache or bravado as the Stolen SEMA Challenger as it’s come to be known. If you’ve never heard of it we’ll provide a quick refresher because you might want to buy this custom build with a one-of-a-kind story. It’s up for sale right now.

Built by Quintin Brothers Auto and Performance specifically for SEMA, this Challenger is far more feature-full than a stock example. At its core, it’s a Challenger Scat Pack. It was meant to be fast without being expensive. Now, it’s considerably more powerful and expensive. The same 392 V8 sits under the hood but Quintin Bros added a ProCharger supercharger to make 700 crank horsepower.

It’s not just a Hellcat doppelganger though as Baer 15-inch drilled and slotted brake rotors are paired with six-piston calipers. Around those are Forgeline 3-piece 20-inch wheels and Michelin Pilot SuperSport tires. This is a serious build and we haven’t even dipped into the flashy stuff like the custom JL audio system or the Bluetooth controllable LED halos. What makes this build more than just another custom Challenger is the wild story behind it.

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How it got stolen

After the build was finished and the car was trailered to Las Vegas it ended up being stolen before it could get to SEMA. Tips began to pour in about its location and police finally caught up with the car before engaging in a high-speed pursuit. During the chase, the Challenger was used as a weapon to hit a police car. Then, the suspect crashed through a fence, onto a kart track, abandoned the car, and ultimately escaped for a short time.

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The story blew up at the time and instead of canceling its entry, ProCharger still wanted to show off the Challenger. So that’s exactly what they did. The Stolen Challenger was displayed with all the damage that took place during the chase. Now, it’s been fully repaired and is available on eBay among other platforms.

This is the chance to own a super-fast, super featured Challenger with an amazing story. The seller even mentions that the car has just 330 miles on the clock. It sounds to us like this SEMA Challenger has a long road ahead of it.

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