Jenelle Evans news – Teen Mom star praises David Eason as a ‘great husband & father’ in TikTok


A fan wrote to Jenelle on TikTok: “Heyyyy you’re wearing your white silicone band again. Is your ring too big now.”

She responded: “I knew eventually you guys would ask.”

“When we went to dinner on our anniversary night, I had it. I’ll show you a picture. I didn’t post this picture because I didn’t like the way it turned out.”

Jenelle then showed the picture, continuing: “You can see that I’m wearing my ring. It’s completely fine. Everything’s intact, right?”

But upon getting home, Jenelle began to change clothes, and felt something scratch against her.

“And then I looked at my ring. My diamond was gone. My whole diamond was gone. All the other diamonds were there, but the big one was gone.”

“I have a lifetime warranty that David paid $700 for,” Jenelle added.

The reality star concluded by saying the diamond will be replaced and the broken prong repaired.

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