Resident Evil Village actor Jeanette Maus dies aged 39 Jeanette Maus passes at 39

An IMDB headshot of Jeanette Maus

(Image credit: IMDB)

Jeanette Maus, the actor who lent her voice to Resident Evil Village‘s bug-skinned witches, died earlier this month.

The actor behind several different characters in this year’s Resident Evil—including the sinister “daughters” that accompany fan-favourite giantess Lady Dimitrescu—died of Crohnes Disease complications attributed to Covid-19 this past weekend (via The Hollywood Reporter). Tweeting from its Dev 1 account earlier this morning, Capcom said it was “deeply saddened” by her passing, expressing condolences to the late actor’s surviving family.

Beyond giving terrifying life to Dimitrescu’s accomplices, Maus was an accomplished acting coach in West Hollywood, sported acting roles in films like 2020’s Charm City Kings, and was credited with writing 2008’s My Effortless Brilliance. While Resident Evil Village would have been her first game acting credit, the RE community has shown an outpouring of support for the late actor in Capcom’s replies..

“Jeanette was truly an artist and felt truly grateful to live as an artist,” John Rosen Studios, where Maus taught, wrote on Instagram. “She had an indomitable spirit and was hungry to be the best person, the best teacher, the best friend and the best actor she could be. The world lost a force of nature, and we will be feeling that for a long time.”

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