MLB players union rejects deal for universal DH and expanded postseason

313455618 MLB logo treated two Baseballs Blue Tone
313455618 MLB logo treated two Baseballs Blue Tone

The MLB players union recently rejected an offer for a universal designated hitter and an expanded postseason, according to Jon Heyman.

According to Heyman, the players union was offered the universal DH by MLB if they agreed to expanded postseason before Christmas in that same deal. ESPN’s Buster Olney noted that the union’s “perspective has been the universal DH should not be tied to [an] expanded” postseason.

The union has not yet given MLB a counteroffer, Heyman says.

With less than a month until spring training starts, it remains unclear what the status of both rules will be – MLB and the union agreed to an expanded postseason on Opening Day last year, which increased the postseason to 16 teams.

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