Live Updates: House votes on impeaching Trump for Capitol riot

CBSN 3 Live

The House began voting on the impeachment resolution just before 4 p.m., with some members casting votes on behalf of other members to reduce the number of lawmakers who are in the chamber at any given time due to the pandemic.

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, a Republican from Louisiana, was the final speaker for Republicans as the House concluded debate on the single article of impeachment. At the start of his remarks, Scalise led the chamber in a round of applause for U.S. Capitol Police officers who protected lawmakers as the pro-Trump mob stormed the building.

“In times like these, let us not reach out to our darkest demons, but like Lincoln, seek the higher ground,” Scalise said.

The last speaker for Democrats, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, said that in his four years in office, Mr. Trump has “made no effort to hide his ambitions or his lacking of Republican principles,” and “has constructed a glass palace of lies, fearmongering and sedition.”

“The issue is what do we do — the 433 of us, I believe who are here — do on behalf of the American people to respond to what Representative Cheney described happened on the 6th of January? A mob assembled by, summoned by and then spoken to, to light the flame of the attack. To ‘stop the steal,'” Hoyer said.

The congressman said lawmakers have a duty to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the republic.

“To make that possible, we must rise to this moment, not only affirm the virtue we cherish but reject the vices we abhor,” Hoyer said. “That’s what I’m asking my fellow representatives on both sides of the aisle to do today. We all stood and we abhorred the violence that occurred and the threat to the very democracy that we hold so dear and swore an oath to protect and uphold. Reject deceit. Reject fearmongering. Reject sedition, tyranny and insurrection, reject the demand for fealty to one man over fidelity to one’s country.”

Hoyer said the roll call vote to be taken on the article of impeachment will not be “ordinary,” but instead about “principle and fidelity to our Constitution.”

“These votes will be inscribed on the roll of history, a record of courage and of our commitment to country and Constitution,” he said.

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