Cyber Monday software deals: save big on fun and useful programs for your PC Cyber Monday software deals

Cyber Monday software deals have arrived—and by software we’re not talking about games, for once. (However, you can find some holiday game deals on Steam and on the Epic Store.) Instead, we’re talking about Cyber Monday software deals on photo editing software, word processing, malware protection, VPN subscriptions, and more. Even Windows 10 is on sale.

A lot of software these days is subscription-based rather than a one-time buy, which can sometimes feel a little frustrating. It’s software as a service, I suppose. But that’s why when you spot a good software deal on Cyber Monday, it’s a great time to pounce on something you really need and may use for years.

Below we’ve rounded up some of the best Cyber Monday software deals we’ve seen, and even though we’re not listing games, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be found on our list. We’ll update this page as we find more.

The best Cyber Monday software deals so far

Clean Windows

Windows 10 Pro: $199.99 $39.99 at PC World (save $160)
Quite a cheap price on Windows 10 Pro, which has a few advantages over the Home edition—namely, you can move this license to a new PC when you upgrade. Sure, it’s pretty easy to use Windows without paying for it these days, but this keeps you legit.View Deal

VyprVPN: $60/yr $60/3 years ($1.66 mo) at VyprVPN
VPNs can be used not just to bypass annoying geographical restrictions and prevent someone snooping when you’re using unsecured hotspots, but it can occasionally be useful for gaming, too, by reducing packet loss. You can get three whole years of VyprVPN for 87% off what it would normally cost.View Deal

LastPass: $3.00/mo $1.80/mo (40% off) at LastPass
I’ve used this password manager for years and am still happy with it, especially for signing into accounts on my phone. The free version actually supports cross-device syncing these days, but premium still offers some advanced perks, like support for hardware multifactor with a Yubikey, and a gig of encrypted storage for important files.View Deal

Malwarebytes Premium: $39.99/yr $19.99/yr at Malwarebytes (save $20)
I haven’t used Malwarebytes in a couple years, figuring Windows Defender would keep my PC clean. But a couple weeks ago I noticed my GPU was burning up when my PC was idle, and sure enough something (most likely some bitcoin malware) had gotten through. Malwarebytes cleared that shit out in a jiff, and I’m keeping it installed this time.View Deal

Paint by numbers

Clip Studio Paint EX: $219 $109 at Clip Studio Paint (save $110)
Once known as Manga Studio, Clip Studio Paint is an alternative to Photoshop that’s widely recommended by artists. It’s full of features geared specifically towards drawing, and the one-time price makes it a lot more affordable over Photoshop in the long run.View Deal

Adobe Creative Cloud: $52.99/mo $39.99/mo at Adobe (save $13/mo)
Adobe, probably tired of being pirated for entire generations, switched to a subscription format a while back. If you’re looking for a deal on that subscription, there are a number of Cyber Monday discounts on the entire suite of programs.View Deal

FaceRig: $14.99 $7.49 at Steam (save $7.00)
We’re all using webcams to keep in touch more than ever. FaceRig can be used with Zoom, Twitch, Skype, and pretty much anything else that uses your webcam, to turn you into an animated character, with hundreds more available in the Steam Workshop.View Deal

Paprika Recipe Manager: $24.99 $14.99 at Paprika (save $10)
A popular cataloging app available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android; there’s a free version with helpful features like a grocery list and pantry inventory. The premium version lets you save more than 50 recipes and, more importantly, sync your info between devices. The smartphone apps are on sale for just $3, too.View Deal

Microsoft Office 2019: $149.99 $99.99 at Microsoft (save $50)
I pretty much stick to the free Google Docs and Google Sheets these days, but if you need Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for work or school, the 2019 versions are $50 off for Cyber Monday.View Deal

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