This HP Omen gaming laptop with a 1TB SSD is down to $949 HP Omen 15.6-inch gaming laptop

There aren’t many gaming laptops out there with a 1TB SSD that you can snag for under $1000, so if you’ve been hoping to get your hands on one, this HP Omen that’s now on sale for $949 at Best Buy—$400 off its regular price—which makes this Cyber Monday deal on this mid-range gaming laptop worth a gander. 

This laptop is built around an AMD Ryzen 7 CPU at 2.9GHz, with a healthy 16GB of RAM (upgradable to 32GB) and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU with 6GB of dedicated DDR6 video RAM. It’s got a 15.6-inch 1080p display with a 144Hz refresh rate, built-in HD webcam and “dual array microphone,” and built-in speakers as well—not the most noteworthy feature, perhaps, but handy for those days when you forget your headphones or just feel like annoying everyone around you at the coffee shop.

The 1TB PCI-e SSD is a major boon. We ran down the differences between SSDs and HDDs here, and while conventional hard drives still have a clear edge in terms of price per GB, once you’ve enjoyed the speed of an SSD, it’s tough to go back. A 1TB drive is a decent size, and it’ll keep things hustling along nicely. You’ll also find HDMI and Mini Displayport outputs, four USB 3.1 ports (three Type-A and one Type C), and of course, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

HP OMEN 15.6″ Gaming Laptop | Ryzen 7 | 16GB |1TB SSD | $1349.99 $949.99 at Best Buy (save $400)
There aren’t a lot of decently-kitted gaming laptops out there with a 1TB SSD, and at $400 off this HP Omen 15.6-inch unit is definitely worth a look. It also features a GeForce GTX 1660Ti GPU with 6GB of dedicated video memory, coupled to a 1080p display running at 144Hz—not too shabby at all.
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Those of you with an eye for design may also notice that this unit isn’t as overtly flashy as some gaming-focused hardware, reflecting HP’s redesign of the Omen lineup earlier this year that gave them a more subdued, minimalist style. There’s still some gamer bling under the hood, though, in the form of a four-zone RPG backlit keyboard that, HP says, “allows you to enjoy comfortable and accurate typing, even in dark lighting.” Also, you know, it looks cool.

I like it—but if you’d like to do some shopping around before you commit, that’s cool too. Feast your eyes on more Cyber Monday laptop deals below.

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