Nick Saban says the game of college football has changed

During Wednesday’s SEC teleconference ahead of Alabama’s seventh game of the season against Kentucky, Nick Saban was asked whether or not the big points of today’s game bothers him or not. The Crimson Tide this season has scored an average of 47.2 points per game and is allowing 22.0 points per game, an average that includes allowing 48 to Ole Miss, 24 to Texas A&M, and 24 to Georgia.

“Its tough, the game has changed, and the rules have changed,” said Nick Saban who has the Crimson Tide no. 1 in the country at 6-0 in both the AP and Coaches Top 25 Poll.

“We do not play wad ball anymore where everyone is in a small box, and 11 players have to block somebody for a play to be effective for a 3-5-yard gain. I think the spread makes you defend 53-yards wide and 100-yards deep. The rules in college football have changed as I’ve said before, and I’m not saying this in a negative way, but RPO’s create a lot of run pass conflicts for defensive players, and the fact that you can block downfield, throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage, and the way that offensive coaches have utilized those things to create plays for the offense is difficult to defense.

I also think in this particular year, we’ve had to work really hard at tackling well, not having a normal preparation year, and having some disruptions during the season, and I think we’ve had to make improvements in that area, and I see a lot of the same issues when I watch games on TV, but I think the days of giving up seven to eight points per game in a season is long gone in college football and I think if you can hold a team to 14-17 points you’re doing pretty well.”

The Crimson Tide is a 31 point favorite over Kentucky this Saturday.

Game Details

Alabama vs. Kentucky

Saturday, November 21

Time: 3:00 p.m. CST

SEC Network

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