The daily gossip: John Legend happily cedes ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title to Michael B. Jordan, Taylor Lautner is MIA, and more

Alison Brie was reading beside a hotel pool in Italy a few years ago when she heard a “young gentleman” order food before singing to himself. “The guy is just in this pool swimming and singing like ‘Penne pasta, penne pasta, penne, penne, penne,” the actress revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. She finally lowered her book and realized popstar Justin Bieber was the man behind the pasta song. “There’s Bieber taking a little swim break on the edge, just singing about his pasta,” she said. “When that single comes out, I’m gonna be like, ‘I was there, at the impetus.'” Perhaps “Penne” will be the sequel to Bieber’s “Yummy.” [People]

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