Supercharged Ford Mustang Driver Hits 178 MPH, Crashes While Fleeing The Police

The driver of a Ford Mustang has crashed his muscle car while attempting to flee the police in Arkansas.

The incident happened earlier this month. Dashcam footage from a police cruiser initially shows the Mustang gingerly passing the police vehicle on the highway. As the driver makes this pass, the police pull in behind him and flip on their flashing lights to initiate a traffic stop as he was doing 78 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Instead of stopping, though, the driver pinned the throttle, initiating a chase with the authorities.

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It is understood that this Mustang was outfitted with a supercharger kit from Roush, which means it could be pumping out upwards of 700 hp. Which explains why the driver was able to quickly accelerate off into the distance and open a gap to the patrol car which doesn’t seem able to exceed 150 mph (242 km/h). However, with the help of additional forces, the police were able to keep track of his movements.

Shortly after exiting Interstate 30 near Little Rock, Arkansas, the driver crashed into two other vehicles and was found having smashed his Mustang into the front of a building.

The driver, Kendrick Ellis Price, admitted to hitting 178 mph (286 km/h) during the chase and was charged with speeding, felony fleeing by vehicle, reckless driver and resisting arrest. To make matters worse, Price was on parole at the time, granted in 2016 after having served seven years of a 40-year sentence for kidnapping, robbery and theft.

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