Mike Goolsby Breaks Down Notre Dame’s 45-3 Victory Over Pitt

Shortly after Notre Dame completed its 45-3 demolition of Pittsburgh on Saturday, BlueandGold.com’s Mike Singer and former Fighting Irish captain and linebacker Mike Goolsby went live on YouTube to break down the game.

Watch the replay of the live show or check out the transcription of the opening segments of the show below.

Instant Takeaways

“Great game, it was very business-like. It was a matter-of-fact performance which was good to see. Offensively speaking, it seemed like the training wheels are finally off. They are really starting to dig in and prepare for Clemson. They are starting to switch things up and pull out some trick plays, too.

“I was very pleased with the win. We have been in a building process. With the previous weeks’ opponents, they knew they were better than them and tried some things out and moved some personnel around. They did some different things offensively and schematically that I liked. It was just a very business-like approach this week. The team had more juice and more energy today. I really think getting away from home would change things for this team and give them some more juice and that is what we saw today. We saw more sustained energy and push which is nice to see. They still left some plays out there, which in a way is encouraging. Book was high on some throws today but all in all it was good to see the turnovers on defense and special teams. This was as close as we have seen to a complete performance.”

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