10 things you need to know today: October 18, 2020

Early voting continues to break records, with more than 26 million people having cast their ballots in the presidential election as of Saturday, NPR reports. That is more than six times the number of votes that were cast at this same point in 2016, and represents more than 16 percent of all the votes cast that year as well. “Despite … concerns, things are going at this point, reasonably well,” said former Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman of voting by mail. Democrats make up the majority of the early votes, as was forecasted, representing about 53 percent of those who have returned their ballots. “The Republican numbers are going to pick up,” GOP pollster John Couvillon, who is tracking early voting, told The Associated Press. “The question is at what velocity, and when?” [NPR, The Associated Press]

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