7 of our top opinion columns this week: ICYMI

In today’s fast-paced news environment, it can be hard to keep up. For your weekend reading, we’ve started in-case-you-missed-it compilations of some of the week’s top USA TODAY Opinion pieces. As always, thanks for reading, and for your feedback.

— USA TODAY Opinion editors

By Jennifer A. Frey

“For faithful Catholic women in particular, especially those of us who cannot hide the fact that we strive to adhere to the Church’s unpopular teachings about sex and contraception — i.e., Catholic mothers of large families — this anti-Catholic bias takes an especially ugly, sexist form. Unfortunately, I know this all too well.”

Amy Coney Barrett

By The Editorial Board

“These voter suppression efforts in Texas are, regrettably, part of a national trend. In Pennsylvania the Trump campaign sued the state in an effort to eliminate all dropboxes. In Wisconsin, Republicans have even attacked voter information booths, where people can get questions answered and drop off ballots if they wish.”

By Steven Petrow

“I did not choose to be gay. Ditto for the millions of LGBTQ people in this country who find “sexual preference” highly charged and who were shocked by Barrett’s use of the term, especially after refusing to tell senators whether she would uphold the Supreme Court’s 2015 ruling, known as Obergefell v. Hodges, which affirmed the constitutional right to same-sex marriage.”

By Elizabeth Neumann

“As a conservative, I believe a primary purpose of the federal government is to provide for the national defense. Under the Constitution, it is a mandatory function of the federal government. After serving for three years inside the Trump administration’s national security team, I am convinced the president is failing at keeping Americans safe.”

Bogus Ballot Box

By Holly Harris

“Peaceful protesters must continue to make their voices heard. But it’s time to move the protests from the streets to state houses, and channel all this passionate activism into passing reform legislation. (Breonna) Taylor’s own family, through their grief, led this call.”

By Shannon Dingle

“I had been a pro-life speaker for events sponsored by Focus on the Family and the Southern Baptist’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. By mid-2016 my views had begun to change. … I worried, what if people offering us help would rescind those offers if they found out what I was considering? I wondered, would my living children hate me because I chose us over the pregnancy of another child?”

By Suzette Hackney

“Let’s talk about priorities. We’re a country grappling with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and a contentious election season, yet President Donald Trump recently issued an executive order banning government agencies, contractors and recipients of federal grants from offering racial sensitivity and diversity training to employees.”

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