The week’s good news: October 15, 2020

When the Hildre family first walked through their new home in Forest Lake, Minnesota, they all noticed the same thing: a door with an “R” carved into it. “It was one of the interesting things that caught my eye,” Ben Hildre told KARE 11. The door is in his daughter Haiden’s room, and it turns out, the “R” was in honor of another young resident — Rudy Olson, now 77, who lived in the home when he was a child. In September, Olson saw the new owners outside the house and asked if the “R” door was still inside, explaining that when he was a toddler, his parents carved the “R” so they could check in on him at night. He was delighted to learn it was there, and seeing how much the door meant to Olson, Ben Hildre took it off its hinges and give it to him. Olson was touched, telling KARE 11, “I say it’s the greatest gift.” [KARE 11]

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