Devlog #1 – Traffic mechanics

Hello everyone!

You don’t have any idea how happy we are that we can finally share our work with you! With a new gameplay teaser released, we’re ready to bring you some news about the development of Ambulance Simulator.

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We are aware how challenging working in an ambulance is. We are impressed with how well the crews cope with unfavorable conditions. While the rest of the team is helping people in need, the driver has to remember not only about people onboard, but also watch out for other users of the road. We ourselves have eyewitnessed many dangerous situations in the street, when an ambulance had problems with passing through. This is happening, because streets live their own lives, they’re powered by people who move around. It’s a factor we paid a great attention to. We couldn’t leave the surroundings empty, otherwise the game would be less authentic.

In real life, traffic is an extremely complex mechanism – we’re all part of it almost everyday, so we know how many pieces are required to work together. Same rules apply to the mechanics we’ve prepared in Ambulance Simulator. The system we created manages everything that is happening around you, including cars and pedestrians. It makes vehicles drive straight and people obey the rules of the road or respect the traffic lights. Pedestrians are not mindless strollers – the game engine makes sure to highlight that, so you can often see people during different activities, like jogging in the park for example.

A city living its life makes the game realistic, but also more challenging. Ambulance drivers deal with lots of obstacles in their job and our game – as a simulator – has to mimic those situations precisely. That’s the reason why creating a believable environment took us so long. We believe that thanks to this commitment, we will provide you with the best paramedic experience on the market.

Keep an eye out on future updates, as we’ll be sharing more news about Ambulance Simulator in the near future!

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