What was football’s miracle of Bern? The Weekend quiz

The questions

1 Whose body was moved from Peterborough to Westminster Abbey in 1612?
2 What was football’s Miracle of Bern?
3 Which marsupial is the world’s largest burrowing animal?
4 Which mountain is said to be named from the Greek for “I burn”?
5 Who was the purported leader of rural riots in 1830?
6 A denaskulo is a rare native speaker of what language?
7 OPI founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is known as the first lady of what?
8 Where was a temperature of 54.4°C recorded in August?
What links:
The Cantos poet; Royal Ascot milliner; US VP?
10 The Byrds; Buffalo Springfield; the Hollies?
11 Billy; Iran; Blood; Deflate; Diesel?
12 Chimney sweeper; angle shades; silver Y; vapourer?
13 Chiswick and Pont Abraham, Carmarthenshire?
14 Heart; Head; Life; Sun; Mercury; Fate?
15 Mark Darcy; Bertie Wooster; James Bond; Captain Hook?

Male chimneysweeper
What links chimney sweeper with angle shades? Photograph: Getty Images

The answers

1 Mary Queen of Scots.
2 West Germany’s win in the 1954 World Cup.
3 Wombat.
4 Etna.
5 Captain Swing.
6 Esperanto.
7 Nails.
8 Death Valley, California.
9 Pre-decimal currency: (Ezra) Pound; (David) Shilling; (Mike) Pence.
10 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (former groups).
11 Scandals given “-gate” suffix: Billy Carter; arms to Iran; Harlequins rugby; New England Patriots; VW emission tests.
12 Moths.
13 M4 motorway.
14 Lines in palmistry.
15 Fictional old Etonians.

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