BTS’s ‘Dynamite’ Outsold The Rest Of The Top 50 Bestselling Songs In The U.S. This Week… Combined

From the moment they released their new single “Dynamite,” BTS was always headed toward a huge first-frame sales figure, but few could have predicted the group’s latest offering would end up performing as well as it has…and the song’s massive sales count is only further highlighted by its comparison to the rest of the bestselling tunes in the U.S. this week.

“Dynamite” arrives as the bestselling single in the U.S. this frame by an enormous margin. The tune, which sees the South Korean septet performing entirely in English for the first time in their career (at least on one of their own cuts) will debut at No. 1 on Billboard’s Digital Song Sales chart tomorrow (when the list refreshes) with just slightly more than 265,000 copies sold.

That figure is not just enough to secure BTS the top spot on the sales-focused chart, it’s actually more units than every other title on that ranking…combined.

According to data provided by Nielsen Music, “Dynamite” outsold the rest of the top 50 bestselling songs in the U.S. this week, the entirety of the Digital Song Sales ranking, combined. Melding all sales of the 49 other tracks that sold enough copies to land somewhere on the list of the bestselling tunes in America throughout the past seven days, the cumulative total comes just just under 250,000 units. That’s a fairly low sum for that many popular cuts, but sales are dwindling all the time, and there aren’t many high-profile new releases this time around (aside from BTS, that is).

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“Dynamite” outsold all 49 of those tunes combined with well over 10,000 units to spare.

Perhaps most impressive is the song’s performance compared to the No. 2 title this frame, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP.” That former chart-topper sold another 25,000 copies this past period, which is enough to put it in second place, though it’s fairly low. “Dynamite” outsold that smash more than 10 times over this time around.

Until this frame, “WAP” held the record for the largest one-week sales sum of 2020, an honor it earned just two periods back. The all-female No. 1 debut launched with 125,000 copies sold, a figure BTS more than doubled with their new single.

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