We’re finally doing devlogs! We’ve been working on this for almost a full year now, and despite the rough waters along this journey we’ve been making real progress! Over that year, PCMG went from 4 members to over 20. At last, we have something worth showing off. We’ve at last gotten far enough along that we feel comfortable showing people the fruits of our labor. To that end, we have posted our first developer update on YouTube.

[embedded content]

We’re also all broke because we’ve been paying development costs out of pocket. To hopefully alleviate that, we opened a Bandcamp and are selling our OST for $2.99! But, the album isn’t finished yet and we’re adding tracks as they are completed. The more tracks are added, the more the album will cost, but if you choose to support us now and buy the album, you’ll get all future Volume 1 tracks free!

To top it all off, we’re working hard to build a community of fans and enthusiasts on Discord. Even if you can’t help us financially, joining the server and interacting with us and other fans would be a definite morale boost. Join in here!

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