The daily gossip: Bella Hadid sends a message to the NYPD, three Bon Appétit Test Kitchen stars resign, and more

Yep, Bella Hadid really went there. In a video posted to her Instagram Stories late Wednesday, the 23-year-old model posed in front of a group of bare-faced NYPD officers: “WEAR A MASK,” she wrote over the picture, adding “you look goofy.” In a follow up, she posed in front of another group of mask-less police officers with her middle finger raised, and wrote: “Hey NYPD, masks are for all of our safety, not just urs… :)” The New York Times has previously reported on the problem of city police officers refusing to wear masks despite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s policy. As one interviewee put it to the newspaper (presumably without the accompanying hand gesture), “If you’re out here to protect the public, it starts with you.” [Jezebel, The New York Times]

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