Coronavirus news LIVE: UK deaths hit 43,575 as Leicester to remain in lockdown

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An intensive care doctor who has been suffering from coronavirus symptoms from more than three months is calling on the Government to launch a study on the effects of “long-term Covid”.

Jake Suett, 31, began suffering from chest pains and shortness of breath on March 20. Months on, he’s still experiencing the problems and has been unable to return to work.

Dr Suett, an ICU doctor in Norfolk, was tested for Covid-19 four weeks after falling ill and the results came back negative.

However, he said he’d been in contact with confirmed Covid-19 patients the week before he developed symptoms.

“What I’m struggling with at the moment is mainly cardiac-type chest pain and shortness of breath, which is fairly debilitating at times,” he said.

He’s now urging officials to launch a scientific study of patients experiencing prolonged symptoms, to find out how many people are affected and to investigate the causes.

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