Links 6/25/2020

Black Lives Matter

Toxic methanol that causes blindness found in hand sanitizers, FDA warns Ars Technica

Do Not Mourn the White Saviours of DfID Craig Murray

Mining Company Obliterates Sacred Land in Australia Foreshadows Distressing Events in the American Southwest Counterpunch

40 Times People Ordered Things Online But Received Something So Awful, They Just Had To Share (New Pics) Bored Panda

Tanzanite: Tanzanian miner becomes overnight millionaire BBC

Siberian heat wave is a ‘warning cry’ from the Arctic, climate scientists say Reuters

Amazon creates a $2 billion climate fund, as it struggles to cut its own emissions MIT Technology Review

Julian Assange

ASSANGE EXTRADITION: Assange Hit With New Superseding Indictment Broadening Computer Intrusion Charges Consortium News

Justice Department broadens case against Julian Assange Washington Post

Black Injustice Tipping Point

Senate Democrats Block GOP Policing Bill WSJ

House to pass sweeping police reform legislation The Hill

Multiple teams interested in Colin Kaepernick, could set up workouts closer to training camp, per report CBS


Are Swedes Shunned for High Covid Rates—or Is It Really ABBA? FAIR

How the split over face masks sums up America’s chaotic coronavirus response WaPo

Texas is on the verge of a Covid crisis: Houston’s largest hospital’s ICU is 97% full as daily cases surge to record highs and expert predicts ‘herd immunity may be the only way to stop the virus’ Daily Mail

Gov. Cuomo wants travelers from states with high coronavirus rates to isolate NYPost

Africa’s COVID-19 health technologies’ watershed moment The Lancet

The pandemic has made concentrated reading difficult. How are book reviewers deaaly Mailling with this? Scroll

Why Iran won’t be broken Asia Times Pepe Escobar.

The Pandemic’s Worst-Case Scenario Is Unfolding in Brazil Bloomberg (vlad)

An app for football fans became a digital contact tracing tool — and could be a litmus test for Covid-19 technology Stat

Coronavirus: US Secret Service staff self-isolating after Trump rally BBC

COVID Testing Sites to Lose Federal Funding Even as Fauci Calls for More Testing TruthOut

The many challenges of covering the coronavirus haven’t gone away Columbia Journalism Review

What To Look For In A Face Mask, According To Science FiveThirtyEight

The COVID Shock to the Dollar Project Syndicate. Stephen Roach.

The Health Transformation Army London Review of Books


Chinese study: Antibodies in COVID-19 patients fade quickly Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy.Very small scale but if results hold, this is consistent with our worst fears re a vaccine.

Coronavirus: will vaccine deals lead to poorer countries missing out? SCMP

What’s Really Behind the Gender Gap in Covid-19 Deaths? NYT

Human genetics provides clues about mysteries of coronavirus FT


What Angela Merkel wants Politico

Imperial Collapse Wtach

The Decline of the American World Atlantic

Class Warfare

How Covid-19 has reframed the war on cash FT (vlad)

The Supreme Court Has Given the Green Light to Bosses and Financial Managers to Steal From Workers Jacobin. David Sirota.

“The Despair Is Smoldering in Society” Der Spiegel. Today’s must-read, an interview with Angus Deaton and Anne Case.


Pandemic shines a light on the Gulf’s three-way split Qantara


Eyes in the sky Rest of the World

India-China Joust

Explainer Why are Indian and Chinese soldiers fighting with fists, sticks and rocks? SCMP

China Ups Rhetoric, Warns India of ‘Severe Consequences’ for Violent Clash The Wire


A “New Cold War” With China Could Mean Curtains For US Retail Jing Daily


‘Money Couldn’t Buy a Movement’: AOC Trounces Wall Street-Backed Democratic Primary Opponent Common Dreams

Showing Strength With White Voters, Biden Builds Lead in Battleground States NYT

These Political Candidates Are Embracing Their Criminal Records Marshall Project

Nancy Pelosi Calls Jamaal Bowman To Scold Him For Winning Primary The Onion (chuck l)

Trump Transition

The Unpresident and the Unredeemed Promise New York Review of Books

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