San Leandro Rioters Stole 50 Cars From FCA Dealer, Including Nearly Every $80k Hellcat

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Following our story earlier today about the ransacking of the ‘San Leandro Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM SRT’ in California on Sunday night, more details on the aftermath have emerged.

In particular, the owner of the dealership revealed that upwards of 50 vehicles were stolen from the FCA dealership in the midst of wide-spread looting throghout the local Alameda County and other parts of the U.S.

Footage of the looting, triggered by civil unrest following the death of George Floyd while under police custody in Minneapolis on May 25, hit social media on Monday, showing several Dodge Challengers and Chargers being driven off the San Leandro dealer lot.

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San Leandro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Speaking with CBS Local, the owner of the San Leandro Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership, Carlos Hidalgo, said that around 50 vehicles were stolen from the showroom and the parking lot. This included “nearly every” powerful Dodge Challenger Hellcat and Dodge Charger Hellcat model, many of which appear to have been on sale with prices ranging from just under $60,000 to upwards of $90,000. Among the vehicles stolen was a 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition painted white with a blue livery and a showroom price of $90,995.

“Right now we’re thinking 50 [vehicles] … Gone,” Hidalgo said. “We have trackers on them so we’re seeing which ones are out there. They’re running around everywhere. We tried calling the cops and they were too busy. They couldn’t respond. So, you know …”

How the looters gained access to the cars

Hidalgo says the rioters gained access to a key safe, hence why they were able to drive away with the vehicles. He had instructed employees to use the dealership’s cars to block the driveways after seeing looters ransacking a Nike store across the street. However, that was not enough to stop them from gaining access to the dealership.

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During the brazen theft, looters showed a total disregard for the vehicles and at one stage, drove a Hellcat parked in a corner into two other Hellcats on either side of it before stealing it. What’s more, a Hellcat displayed on the showroom floor was driven right through the glass front windows. Many of the Hellcat models stolen look to have been brand new and were still equipped with their front splitter guards.

“It’s not a cause for anybody. This is just bad thieves. It’s horrible,” said Hidalgo. “This is domestic terrorism brought upon to people that work. That’s not right.” Hidalgo added that the theft and damage caused to his dealership will hurt the 100 people that he employs who had already been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

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