DeSean Jackson reflects on getting cut, smeared by Chip Kelly

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If Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson were wearing a microphone for a reunion with former Eagles coach Chip Kelly, plenty of words likely would have to be bleeped.

Jackson revisited Kelly’s decision to cut Jackson, which came in March 2014 after a failed effort to trade him — and as Jackson has claimed an effort to smear him.

“Honestly, bro, the past is the past, but I will say when I was released by the Eagles it was definitely a shove in my face, you know?” Jackson told teammate Lane Johnson, via NBC Sports Philadelphia. “The story that was made up and the reason behind it was hard for me to respect. I would have respected it a lot more, man, if they would have just came to me and just told me basically it’s a money issue or we’re going a different route. But no, you want to come up and say I’m a hoodlum and I’m doing all this crazy [stuff]? That [stuff] was personal to me.”

The termination of Jackson came after someone leaked to that the team had concerns about potential gang ties.

Once Jackson was released, he wanted to play for a team that faced the Eagles twice per year.

“I remember the Redskins were one of the teams that hopped in and was really trying to sign me because of all the damage I did to them earlier in my career,” Jackson said. “Dan Snyder personally sent me his private jet. I was in L.A. and he sent me his private jet, he was like, ‘Get on the plane and we’ll figure out the contract.’ [Robert Griffin III] actually came to my house in Calabasas and he was like, ‘Man, please bro, just come play with me.’ I just wanted to go play against y’all twice a year. I’m staying in the division because I want them to see me twice a year. . . . I was going to let them see what they were missing out on.”

Jackson is now back with the Eagles, even though his contributions last year were limited due to a groin injury/hernia. If healthy in 2020, he could make a huge difference for an offense that needs someone to stretch the field.

DeSean Jackson reflects on getting cut, smeared by Chip Kelly originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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