Daily Distraction: How to evolve into a coder while sitting at home

Whenever there’s a widespread crisis, you’ll surely find programmers across the world putting something together that might help people. We’ve seen plenty of free tools including maps, trackers, and informative websites by companies and independent coders that are providing much-needed knowledge during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you ever wanted to take part in this kind of techno-philanthropy and pick up coding to build cool applications, now is probably a great time. There are plenty of free courses available for you that include lessons for C++ to Python. Here are some of the best of the lot:

  • Google’s Grasshopper is a great way to start your coding journey. It teaches you programming basics through Javascript, a widely used language on the majority of websites across the world. You can access Grasshopper on Android, iOS, and on web browsers.
  • If you dream about creating apps for Apple’s devices, Swift is a key language to learn. And what’s better than starting out with the company’s own Swift Playground app on Mac or iPad.

Credit: Apple

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