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Single parents in Scotland have been stopped from shopping in some major supermarket chains after arriving with their children, as staff enforce strict physical distancing rules.

One Parent Families Scotland says that support workers have heard of a number of instances in Glasgow, Dundee and Ayrshire where single parents have been turned away from stores – usually if they have more than one child with them – or asked to leave their children outside while they do their shopping, with Tesco appearing to apply the new rules particularly strictly.

Satwat Rehman, director of One Parent Families Scotland told the Guardian:

This just requires a bit of common sense. If someone is coming along with their children, it’s usually because there’s nowhere else for those children to be. Parents don’t want to expose their children if they can help it, and most are terrified of becoming ill themselves because there’s no one else to look after their kids.

I can totally understand the need to get a balance with the new social distancing advice, but one in four families with dependent children in Scotland are headed by a single parent so there has to be a work around.

A spokesperson for Tesco insisted that there was no blanket policy banning children from stores, and that, while encouraging people to shop with no more than one other person in line with government guidance, staff were being asked to apply common sense in all circumstances.

The Guardian

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