You Could Soon Use Same WhatsApp Number on Multiple Phones

WhatsApp For iOS

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, and it offers various features such as stickers, group messaging, voice calling, video calling, and video conference. However, it lacks a basic feature that many unpopular apps offer, but it could soon be coming to WhatsApp.

Unlike other messaging apps, WhatsApp doesn’t allow users to log in using an email ID. The app mandates to use a phone number and users are allowed to use only one phone with the same number. If you log in to another phone with the same phone number, the previous phone gets logged out of the WhatsApp account.

A new report now states that the Facebook-owned IM app has started testing a new feature that lets users log into their WhatsApp account with the same phone number on multiple smartphones or tablets. WABetaInfo first published that it spotted signs of multiple device support back in November 2019. At that time, the app asked “Registration Notification,” and asked a new security code for a secondary phone. It also had hidden text that pointed towards support for multiple devices per user.

In the latest beta version of WhatsApp (v 2.20.110) for Android, WABetaInfo has found clues related to multiple device support for one account. The team managed to trigger different event messages when a person’s end-to-end encryption security code changes, and the information message shows signs of support for multiple devices.

WhatsApp Multiple Device Support
WhatsApp Multiple Device Support

Our Take

It is still not clear exactly how the feature is supposed to work. Would the primary device need to be online for WhatsApp to work on the secondary phone? Because that’s how WhatsApp Desktop works. However, we don’t think it would require the first device to stay online. Otherwise, it won’t be useful if both phones are expected to stay online.

The feature is clearly under the early stages of development, and we can only be sure about its functionality when the company rolls out the feature officially, albeit in the beta version of its app. Moreover, if the feature reaches the Android app, it will most likely be rolled out to the iOS version.

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