U.S. Senator: Trump’s Coronavirus Response ‘Feels Like Ukraine All Over Again’

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) on Monday claimed the way in which President Donald Trump’s administration appears to be favoring some states over others with its distribution of federal aid and assistance amid the coronavirus pandemic “feels like Ukraine all over again.”

Murphy was asked by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes if he was concerned about “an uneven response federally that depends on the politics of the governor at play and the degree to which the president’s ego is massaged.”

“It sort of feels like Ukraine all over again,” responded Murphy, in reference to Trump’s impeachment over the Ukraine scandal for allegedly withholding aid to the country in exchange for the announcement of an investigation into his potential 2020 Democratic rival Joe Biden. 

You know, the president is, you know, now instead of using foreign aid, using emergency relief in order to try to get people to do his political bidding. I mean, the message seems pretty clear, if you criticize the president, then you are going to get attacked and you are potentially going to have critical medical supplies withheld and if you get the president’s back politically, we’ll send you what you need.

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