The week’s best parenting advice: March 31, 2020

“In this new normal,” writes Jennifer Pattison Tuohy at Wirecutter, “reliable ways to keep the kids occupied and at peace are as valuable as jumbo-size rolls of toilet paper.” One screen-free idea is to utilize Alexa’s built-in voice-based games. Some of them, like “Hide and Seek” (which is exactly what it sounds like — the kid hides, Alexa guesses his or her hiding spot), are perfect for children under 5. Others, like the “Official Harry Potter Quiz,” are better for older kids. And if you want something for the whole family, Pattison Tuohy recommends the Jeopardy-like “Guess My Name.” And don’t worry, if you want to make sure your kid’s gaming experience is wholesome and harmless, you can “enable FreeTime, Amazon’s free parental controls.” [Wirecutter]

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