Tesla Model Y Goes ‘Off-Roading’ Across A Stream, Twitter Users Are Not Impressed

Elon Musk expects the Tesla Model Y to outsell the Model 3, Model S, and Model X combined and while the vast majority of buyers will never venture beyond smooth tarmac roads, this video shows the new electric SUV can do a little bit of soft off-roading.

Twitter user and Tesla Model Y owner Mike McGinnis recently shared footage of his newly-delivered Model Y crossing a small stream in the U.S. It’s not a particularly amazing video, especially since we’ve seen videos of Tesla vehicles wading through much deeper waters than this in the past.

Fittingly, a number of people left comments on the Twitter video that aptly say what we’re looking at isn’t all that impressive, as noted by Car and Driver.

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One such comment, filled with sarcasm, reads “Wow, that’s amazing! Dakar rally next? I am sure the engineers at Landrover are sh!ttin’ their pants right now.” Another Twitter user left a comment reading “I’m sure a Model 3 would’ve driven through that just fine” while another said “My four year old daughter has driven through worse terrain in her 6v BMW i8,” attaching a photo of a ride-on i8 kids car.

When watching the video closely, you’ll notice that the water only seems to be about two or three-inches deep and we’re sure any car on the market could make its way through such a stream with little fuss (including supercars).

Nevertheless, it’s good to see that owners of the Tesla Model Y aren’t afraid to put their new vehicles to the test. We’re not sure we’d be so brave if we’d just taken delivery of one.

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