Take Chase Young or trade for more picks: The Redskins draft paradox

Many NFL experts rank Chase Young as not just the best defensive prospect in the 2020 NFL Draft, but the best prospect overall. The Ohio State pass rusher logged absurd numbers in 2019, including 16.5 sacks and 21 tackles for loss in only 12 games. As far as disrupters go, Young is one of the most devastating edge players to emerge in the draft in some time. 

Despite all of that – all of it – some will still make the case that the Redskins best move is to not take Young with the second overall pick. 

The argument isn’t what Young can do, because it’s explosive, but what trading the No. 2 spot could do for the Redskins. 

A report from CBS Sports showed that there is growing consideration by the Washington brass about looking to trade back in the draft and securing more picks, particularly in the first round. The most plausible trade candidate is Miami, a team loaded with draft capital that includes three first-rounders. 

The real question is simple: Do the Redskins need one great player or a bunch of good players?

Washington went 3-13 last year and fired most of their organization. Ron Rivera took over to start this year, and he’s at the helm of a full reboot of the club, culturally and on the football field. 

While some fans exist in a delusional space that believes the Redskins are loaded with talent, the reality is the roster has more holes than a Par 3 golf course.

Cornerback. Tight end. Left tackle. Free safety. Middle linebacker. Wide receiver.

The Redskins have needs at all those positions, some of varying importance, but all still rank as needs. Even with some moves in free agency to address the holes, many of the new players are on one-year contracts and don’t look like a part of a long-term rebuild. 

If Washington can trade back, they can almost undoubtedly help their team more than by taking Young. If they hit on every pick. And if Young isn’t the next Von Miller. 

Hypothetically, if the Redskins moved back from No. 2 to No. 5 and gained an additional first-round pick, the team could realistically land Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah or Clemson LB Isaiah Simmons, and then add a top-flight left tackle, linebacker or wideout. That would nail down two starting spots in 2020, and if things break right, for the next four seasons as well. All on a team-friendly rookie contract. 

On the other hand – Young. 

Nothing makes a secondary better than a dominant pass rusher. Nothing. Young has all the tools to be that guy, speed and power. If Young plays like many expect, his impact could be worth more than any trade for additional draft picks. 

The problem for Washington is there is no way to know, but it’s quite obvious the team needs lots of help. 

“We need playmakers,” one Redskins decision maker said to NBC Sports Washington during the NFL Scouting Combine. 

He was telling the truth, and everyone knows it. One problem in this debate, however, is that to trade down the Redskins need a trade partner. 

For more than a year the Dolphins have been rumored to want Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, and for Washington’s sake, that could be excellent news. The Redskins need a QB-desperate team, and the two best options appear to be Miami and the Chargers. The Raiders could make things interesting, and as the draft inches closer there will always be more teams that get connected with quarterback prospects. It’s not just Tagovailoa either as Oregon QB Justin Herbert looks like a Top-10 pick as well. 

Between Dwayne Haskins and Kyle Allen, the Redskins appear set at the quarterback spot. Both are young and under team control, and both have shown flashes of real potential. Haskins has the driver’s seat on the starting job, but Allen will push. 

Considering that, the more teams get hot and heavy in pursuit or a rookie passer – Tua or Herbert – helps Washington. The only way to guarantee selecting one of those QBs comes with the second pick. 

It’s no sure thing a trade partner emerges.

It’s entirely possible the Dolphins and Chargers can just wait and grab quarterbacks with their picks at 5 and 6, respectively. Joe Burrow will go No. 1 to the Bengals. Write that in permanent marker. After that comes Washington, Detroit, and the Giants. None of those teams need a quarterback.

If the Dolphins and Chargers can wait, they could get their rookie passer without giving anything up. But like Tom Petty said, the waiting is the hardest part. Other teams could jump up and grab Tua or Herbert, and expect those rumors to ramp up as the draft comes closer. 

So, for the Redskins, is it about the team or the player. Young is the player. That’s not for debate. But the team needs help, lots of it, and a trade might bring more in return. 

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Take Chase Young or trade for more picks: The Redskins draft paradox originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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