R&B Duo Lion Babe Commemorate Album Anniversary With ‘Cosmic’ New Music Video

In difficult times marked by uncertainty such as these, many people have generally turned some form of belief in a higher celestial power who is responsible for determining every outcome in their lives. In this same vein, one could conclude that fateful encounters like these are what led to R&B duo Lion Babe being born.

Comprised of singer Jillian Hervey and producer Lucas Goodman, Lion Babe has spent a large part of the last decade perfecting their unique blend of neo soul, alternative R&B, and, at times, dance floor-ready beats for audiences everywhere. Hervey, the daughter of actress and singer Vanessa Williams, crossed paths with Goodman at a party before joining forces for a one-off project years later, eventually forming Lion Babe and releasing their debut album Begin in 2015.

Their second studio album Cosmic Wind, released last March, solidified Lion Babe’s status as genre pioneers, with the subsequent release of music videos like “The Wave” and “Western World” demonstrating the group’s diverse audio and visual capabilities. To celebrate the anniversary of Cosmic Wind, Lion Babe released a music video for the album’s title track that visually complements the ethereal energy that imbues every song on the tracklist.

Directed by California-based photographer Dana Trippe—who has been behind recent Lion Babe visuals like “Different Planet” and “Sexy Please”—the video sees Hervey moving gracefully and sporting iridescent Vegas showgirl-style wings while Goodman pensively looks into the distance while at her side. Though Hervey left her dance dreams years ago to pursue her singing career, her background has become a critical component of nearly every Lion Babe video as she moves her body in different beautifully hypnotizing ways.

Lion Babe’s constant stream of music videos and continued social media presence has helped sustain Cosmic Wind’s life over the last year, ensuring its place in contemporary R&B won’t be forgotten anytime soon despite the fast-moving nature of the music industry. Content creation is key to maintaining attention and success, and with a lengthy album tracklist (as well as new music) to choose from, it’s unlikely that the “Cosmic Wind” video will be the last we see of Lion Babe this spring.

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