OMG – One More Goal!

OMG - One More Goal!

Hello everyone!
We present the almost final prototype of our new game:
OMG – One more goal!

It is an arcade / fighting game with soccer dynamics.
The aim of the game is to score in the opponent’s goal within the time limit, and the main concept is team play:
to gain time and bonuses you have to pass the ball as much as possible to your teammates!
We win together, we lose together!

State of the art
For now, only the main prototype has been created, with the engine that manages the main mechanics of the game:

– a simple AI
– procedural playgrounds
– procedural obstacles
– a simple game logic

At the moment we don’t even have a game logo or other promotional material, but we are only at the beginning of the development.

Game potential
The game is designed for these great features:

– fully configurable player number
– fully configurable player characteristics (speed, responsiveness, aggressiveness, shot and pass power)
– fully configurable goalkeeper features (speed, responsiveness, aggressiveness, shot and pass power)
– infinite variety of goals
– infinite variety of balls
– infinite variety of scenarios and obstacles
– infinite variety of weapons
– large variety of game modes
– online saving of any data (players, scores, rankings and much more)
– complete liveOps online

Some images

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