NY state death toll soars almost 30% in one day with NYC’s deaths nearing 1,000

NEW York Governor Cuomo confirmed the state death toll soared almost 30 percent in one day with NYC’s deaths nearing 1,000. 

Statewide, the number of fatalities surged from 1,218 on Monday to 1,550 the following day – a jump of about 28 percent – with 932 deaths in New York City.

 Cuomo made the disturbing revelation today
Cuomo made the disturbing revelation todayCredit: Governor.ny

There were 43,139 cases in the Big Apple – the most cases in the entire state

During his daily briefing, the governor also revealed that confirmed cases in state had increased to 75,795 as of March 31, after 9,298 new cases emerged.

His brother, CNN journalist Chris Cuomo, also tested positive for the deadly virus, Cuomo told reporters.

He also said that FEMA was the reason for the increasing cost of critical ventilators, which all 50 states and the Federal government were buying from China.

Cuomo said New York state bought 17,000 of these respiratory machines which are vital for the surge in COVID-19 patients.

However, he said there was now a bidding war going on between New York, all the other states and FEMA.

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