Nissan 350Z Drifter Shows The Best Way To Close A Hood That Unexpectedly Pops Open

Drifting is not easy and requires huge amounts of skill to get absolutely right. The owner of this particular Nissan 350Z appears to be so comfortable sliding his Japanese sports car that he can do it without even looking out of the windshield.

The man behind the wheel is Luke Fink who operates a YouTube channel where he showcases his drifting skills and his modified Nissan, among other cars. At a recent drifting event in Queensland, Australia, Fink likely got the fright of his life when his hood flipped up as he was in the middle of a drift. Yet, he didn’t panic.

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Onboard footage from the drift run in question shows Fink kicking his 350Z into fourth gear and initiating a drift down the short straight of the circuit. At one stage, he slightly over-rotates the car coming into a corner and the hood can be seen flicking up and slamming against the door frame. While most other drivers likely would have lifted off the throttle, Fink did just the opposite and continued to slide the sports car around the circuit to absolute perfection by looking out the side windows to make sure he didn’t hit any other cars.

At the very end of the run, Fink performs an epic 360-degree spin in the car and in the process, was able to get the hood to slam back down.

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