You Can Un-Kia Your 2021 Sorento Too Using Brenthon Badging

A Korean company called Brenthon literally makes money from the most basic form of badge engineering.

As you may be aware if you’re a frequent visitor to our website, Brenthon does not offer performance upgrades or any other type of meaningful modifications. What the company does offer, though, is arguably a more upscale badge for owners of Kia vehicles who find the standard logo is not posh enough.

Brenthon has already announced badging for the recently-unveiled 2021 Sorento. The offer for the brand new SUV includes front and rear badges in chrome or semi-gloss black, “Brenthon” chrome lettering on the tailgate, steering wheel logo, and badged wheel caps.

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Prices vary from 18,000 won ($15) for the steering wheel badge and 40,000 won ($33) for the front grille badge. We can’t say we understand why the items are priced individually; after all, this is the type of modification you either go all-in or not at all.

Anyway, this comes at a time when there’s talk about Kia changing its logo. Expected to debut before the end of the year on a new model, the updated logo has been previewed on the Imagine by Kia concept car. On said study, the logo features italic K, I and A letters that are joined together, as opposed to the current logo which features separated letters.

It remains to be seen whether the new Kia logo will be posh enough to prevent people from ordering a new set of badges from Brenthon.

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