Joe Buck and other sports broadcasters are commentating over everyday things and it rules

There are no live sports due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and those fortunate enough to be healthy and locked inside their homes are starting to get bored. Really bored. That includes sports broadcasters, who have nothing new to project their iconic voices on, so they’ve begun to use their talents for good to create sports-adjacent content to brighten our days.

Andrew Cotter, a broadcaster who covers golf and rugby for BBC, pitted his dogs, Olive and Mabel, in an eating competition, and narrated it for two straight minutes. It’s incredible.

Olive, the dog with black fur, was allegedly a five-time champ going into this matchup, meaning Cotter had done this several times before filming. Amazing. To no surprise, she won. Cotter gave classic lines like “Mabel, heavy tail use. Happy to be alive. Everything’s amazing” and “Olive, focus, relentless; tasting absolutely nothing.”

Three days later, the video has been shared nearly 75,000 times on Twitter.

Cotter isn’t the only one, either. Joe Buck, who covers the MLB and NFL for Fox, has been commentating a ton of random events.

Here, Buck gives play-by-play on golfer Justin Thomas fixing his hair:

Here he narrates a kid killing a spider:

A bunch of chickens:

An in-home basketball game:

A kid’s little league hit:

This reporter fitting Oreos in his mouth:

Thank you, sports broadcasters, for giving us something to laugh about online.

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