Gunman Opens Fire at Molson Coors in Milwaukee, Killing Multiple People, Officials Say

A gunman opened fire at a Molson Coors complex in Milwaukee on Wednesday afternoon, killing multiple people before he was killed, city officials said.

“There was a horrific shooting that has occurred,” Mayor Tom Barrett said during a brief news conference near the scene. “There are multiple people who have died, I believe, including the shooter.”

He said police were continuing to sweep the area to make sure it was safe and city officials were urging residents in the neighborhood to stay away, to allow emergency vehicles to pass through.

WISN-TV reported, citing two law enforcement sources, that the gunman was an employee at the complex, which until recently was known as MillerCoors.

“It is a horrible, horrible day for the employees,” Mr. Barrett said, adding it was a “very rough day for anybody who is close to this situation.”

He said city officials expected to provide more details later, calling it a “very fluid situation.”

The Milwaukee police did not immediately respond to calls and emails seeking comment, but said on Twitter that they were responding to a “critical incident” near the Molson Coors complex.

Local television stations showed police cars and officers with rifles descending on the area.

Neighborhood residents were gathered in shock.

“I heard the sirens and came out to see what was going on,” said Shelly Zais, 59, who lives at 34th and State Streets. “I figured someone had to be killed, there were so many sirens. I knew it was different.”

Molson Coors said in a statement that there was “an active situation at our Milwaukee facility and we are working closely with the Milwaukee Police Department.”

“Our top priority is our employees and we’ll provide updates in conjunction with the police as we are able,” the company said.

Kiandre Ford, 27, who works in the lobby of the Harley-Davidson building nearby, said that he got a phone call requesting that the building be locked down after the company alerted that there was an active shooter in the area.

“We heard from higher-ups — I didn’t know what was going on myself,” Mr. Ford said. “I got a call, and the Harley-Davidson building is now on lockdown.”

An official at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives confirmed that there was an “active shooter” at the complex and said the agency was helping to respond from its Milwaukee office.

The police had blocked off streets for several blocks around the complex.

New media were gathered at S. 35th and W. State Streets. At least seven fire trucks and numerous squad cars were blocking the area. A sheriff deputy dressed in SWAT gear and holding a rifle was seen walking toward the brewery complex.

The complex is in the heart of Milwaukee’s Miller Valley, about three miles west of downtown, and includes a corporate office, a skywalk and a health and fitness center, according to Hunzinger Construction Company, which renovated the campus.

In October, Molson Coors announced that it was closing its Denver office and shifting some jobs to Milwaukee, as part of a corporate restructuring plan that was expected to result in the loss of 400 to 500 jobs across the company.

Kay Nolan and Sandra E. Garcia contributed reporting.

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