Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes star in ‘The Mandalorian’ in the best sports tattoo ever

Until this moment I thought that getting a tattoo based on pop culture was a bad idea. Then I saw this tattoo.

Why, yes, that is Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid dressed up like “The Mandalorian,” with Pat Mahomes being his little Baby Yoda buddy. I’m not here to evaluate the truthfulness of this tattoo. I’m sure the argument can be made that Mahomes is the real stone-cold killer in this scenario, but, my goodness, I just love Reid in bounty hunter armor too much to have many gripes about it.

Like a lot of things in life: The devil is in the details — and these details are beautiful. I love the art style, which has a distinctly The Far Side vibe to it, and the slightly-bloated midsection is utter perfection.

I am not a fan of the Kansas City Chiefs by any means, and I could see myself getting this tattoo. That’s the sign this is a winner.

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